As Ballroom Dancers, we all get asked a very common question - How do you stay so fit? While benefits of Ballroom Dancing may be mostly visible at a physical level, there is a lot that changes you internally in a positive way. 


As you all know there are various levels of Ballroom Dancing one may be involved in.

Social Dancers get most of the calorie burn by being out there on the floor for hours. Its well known that 10 min. brisk walking daily is beneficial for the health, but imagine being on the floor and sweating it out and using muscles you didn't even know exist (including facial, imagine the fun and laughter you get while you are dancing on the floor). Depending on the intensity, you may fall into a fat burning zone (long interval at a moderate heart rate) which is one of the best ways to lose fat.

Moreover, with the nature of ballroom dancing (music and dancing with a partner) its so much fun that dancers spend hours on the floor without even realizing. 

Competitive Dancing on the other hand is a power sport. Its a high intensity, short interval and energy must be produced quickly. Extended moderate-intensity cardio as experienced in Social Dancing is not enough for dancers who strive to compete and they need targeted training. 


What makes Ballroom Dancing so different when it comes to stress relief? Ever heard of Music Therapy? Music is self healing, and a physical activity that can involve music is a win win for your mind and body. Moreover, as human beings we are programmed to look for a human connection. Dancing with a partner adds that element of socializing while having fun minus the pressure of having a conversation (great news for introverts). For dancers beyond only Social, practices (by yourself) can have meditative benefits. Its your alone time, to express yourself through your body movements on any kind of music you like and the best part - there is no one to correct or judge you since you are on your own. 


I can promise you a lot of dancers who are training hard ask themselves every day - Why am I doing this? Practices are hard, painful and uncomfortable, but perseverance is imperative. Ballroom dancers know they don't get better without putting in effort and at that point its a matter of not just training your body but also your mind. Scheduling your practices and planning work / life around it to make it happen can only be done through discipline and structure and ballroom dancers constantly work towards making it happen which makes them highly perseverant. 


Dance Partnerships can be, in one word, difficult - if not managed properly. Just like your workplace.

Every corporation invests and trains their employees to be team players. Ballroom Dancing is no different.

With the amount of time spent together, you need to learn to communicate with each and carve a way to work together - and its unique for every partnership. Its your team work that shows off on the floor (not individual talents) - so the better foundation you have for your partnership, better you will do. This applies for both Student / Teacher relationship as well as a Dance Partnership (professional or amateur). Partner Dancing is one of the great ways to learn to work with people to produce fruitful outcomes.  



Dance With Panache offers Social Dance Lessons in various styles as well as Advanced Training. Thanks to our Master Coach Lydia Pertrigova, we have an access to World Class Coaches and we will make sure your dancing needs are met however far you want to take your dancing adventure. We are also partners with David Nickum, Founder and Owner - On The Go Fitness Pro who can help you with your fitness needs should you decide to take your (dancing) fitness further.

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