Bruce and Genevieve - Grand Entry walking down the stairs

The weekend on Oct' 28 we attended a wedding of our good friends, Bruce and Genevieve, and we couldn't help writing about this amazing couple and the experience we had at their wedding. They make a beautiful couple complementing each other very well - Bruce, strong and laid back, but looked absolutely happy and energized. Genevieve, the drop dead gorgeous (outside and inside) bride, on the other hand, very expressive and emotional that was so touching to watch. And why wouldn't she, the couple had been dating for good 10 years before they sealed the deal. 


The couple first started their wedding dance lessons good two years ago, until the wedding got rescheduled. But they came back a year and a half later to continue where they left off. They are one determined couple, learnt their routine within a few months. Genevieve was initially determined to learn "The dirty dancing song" (including the lift), but was later convinced to dance a beautiful Rumba on "All Of Me" by John Legend. This was a much better fit for their personalities and overall wedding theme, given the amount of time they had left for their wedding. The routine was strong and choreographed beautifully to their taste and strength and they did a phenomenal job on their routine.

For wedding dances, its extremely important to keep calm so you can be in the moment and not think about the steps - so you want to prepare accordingly. 

Thats exactly what this couple did - they planned a real run-thru of their wedding dance during a social night in front of a big audience to get an experience under their belt. They even arranged a supervised trial run in their wedding costumes a.k.a dress rehearsal right before the actual performance.

Their dance followed by a intertwined sequencing of dinner, father-daughter & mother-son dance and social dancing. The crowd was fun and energetic and we took turns dancing with different guests as the night progressed. It was a shame that this exquisite night had to come to an end and we thank Bruce and Genevieve personally for making us a part of their special day! 

HOW WAS YOUR WEDDING DANCE EXPERIENCE? Leave us a comment and tell us your experience. 

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